Nepal in Crisis - Earthquake 7.9 Richter Scale

Nepal is currently faced a magnificient quake of 7.9 Richter Scale - greatest of all in last 81 years. Lots of lives and properties including world heritage sites are claimed. We need your help and support to soothe the situation in Nepal.


We have started to collect donations for Nepal. Click

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Welcome to NECOS!

Welcome to NECOS

NECOS, established in 2011, is a non-profit, secular, community based organization dedicated to serve the needs of Nepalese Community in Saskatoon.

The primary aim of NECOS is to bring together people of the Nepalese origin and friends of Nepal to preserve and foster the Nepalese cultural, traditional and historical heritage. NECOS also strives to understand and respect other cultural communities in order to coexist in a friendly and cohesive society in Canada.

Our volunteers have paved the path for success who have put countless number of hours and shown in exhaustive energy to serve the community. NECOS is thankful to its partner Nepalese Student Association (UofS), all the donor and affiliated organization for their support.

Nepalese immigration into Saskatoon "city of bridges" started in late '80s. With growing opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship more families are moving-in. Today, there are over 50 families of Nepalese origin that have moved from Nepal, Bhutan, India and Burma to make Saskatoon their home.